Our Home Watch Services

Aqua Realty Home Watch Service is both a direct service provider, and we also offer access to Preferred Service Vendors for any and all emergency and/or non-emergency repair needs. Property owners who use Aqua Realty Home Watch Service, have continuous service 24/7 365 days a year!! We are on call at all times and ready to assist you in any way we can. Home watch service customers pay a monthly fee for a scheduled weekly visit to the property in addition to the comforting benefit of having a live person available at all times to handle their issues.


Aqua Realty Home Watch Services are as follows: 

Interior Service Inspections:

  • Check for signs of forced entry. Theft or vandalism.
  • Check for signs of pests or insects.(Interior & Exterior)
  • Check to make sure all doors and windows are securely locked.
  • Check for signs of water damage on floors, ceilings and walls.
  • Check for signs of A/C condensate leaks (Interior or garage)
  • Check to ensure room temperature is within 5 degrees of thermostat set temperature.
  • Check refrigerator, freezer and make sure ice maker is off. OR ensure doors are open if unit is unplugged
  • Check sink and tub/shower plumbing for any signs of leaks.
  • Check garbage disposal (if equipped). Run water and disposal to prevent seizing, and verify no leaks.
  • Check toilets for leaks and flush.(Ensure toilet stops running after flush)
  • Check circuit breaker box for signs of surge, tripped breakers and/or GFIs.
  • Check air conditioner return air filter cleanliness.
  • Check hot water tank for leaks.
  • Check and/or adjust microwave, stove, or any other clocks.
  • Check for unusual odors.
  • Check Washer for leaking or bulging water hoses and dryer for signs of pest activityin dryer vent.

Exterior Service Inspections:

  • Visual inspection of home exterior.
  • Look for broken windows. Theft or vandalism.
  • Check screens and porch enclosures for tears or damage.
  • Check for water leaks at well system, spigots, well heads, etc.
  • Visually inspect gutters and roof for damage or needed maintenance (Gutters full etc)
  • Assess and report condition of lawn & landscaping if issues noted.
  • Check Sprinkler timer/controls for proper settings/function (if equipped)
  • Check Pool for proper water level and clarity.
  • Put trash cans away after home owners' departure
  • Remove newspapers, flyers, packages, and phonebook’s from front door area.
  • Check mailbox
  • Forward mail if requested (extra charge)

All inspection reports are scanned and uploaded for you to access and review. Digital photos of any noted issues will also be available. Any exceptions/findings or concerns will be communicated to you via E-mail or immediately by phone in the case of emergent issues.

Opening your home:  Also included in our monthly pricing. 

  • Turn on water. (If Applicable)
  • Turn on air-conditioning,
  • Turn on hot water tank.
  • Synchronize clocks in Kitchen.
  • Turn outside light on if coming in after dark.
  • Any other action/service as requested (Charges may apply)

Closing your home: Also included in our monthly pricing. 

  • Shut off water at main supply valve (If Applicable)
  • Shut off hot water heater at breaker.
  • Turn air to 60% humidity and thermostat to 78. 
  • Empty ice maker and shut off.
  • Dispose of garbage if any
  • Make sure all doors and windows are secured.
  • Any other action/service as requested (Charges may apply)

Additional Services: (Fee Required)

  • Water and feed interior and exterior plants per instructions. Call to discuss.
  • Start idle, stored vehicles and drive if insured. $15.00 per month, per vehicle checked weekly outside, inside visual inspection.
  • Key service for outside contractors—provide access to property for insurance agents. Local contractors, service repairmen. Cleaning services, or other onsite service providers. Lock box fee $10.00 per week.
  • Monitor to see that NON-AQUA service provider's work is done properly. $35.00 per hour (No charge for Aqua Providers)
  • Digital photographic & E-mail reporting of new construction, or remodeling progress. $25.00 per visit
  • Serve as security alarm notification agent. $50.00 working hours 8-5, $60.00 after working hours, weekends and Holidays(Per event). Includes initial communication of issue to owner, and dispatching emergency services as needed/required to resolve emergency. Owner's direction to be  kept on file regarding who to call in emergecy situations if the owner cannot be contacted. IE Plumbers, Electricians, local relatives etc.
  • Arrange for cleaners/carpet cleaners inside. Power washing lanais, pool cages, exterior, driveways and walkways, and much, much more. Call for cost
  • Permanent Hurricane shutter's closed or opened. $15.00(If done during regular weekly visit)
  • Hurricane Shutter Panels installed. $50.00 per hour per man +material costs
  • Mail forwarding $10.00 per month plus postage
  • Cleaning services call for pricing - $100.00 and up
  • Handyman or Licensed Professional Reapir services. Call for pricing/estimate
  • Pre-storm inspections with photos for insurance purposes. $35.00 1st hour plus $25.00 per hour for additional time.
  • Post-storm inspections with photos for you and your insurance company. $35.00 for 1st hour ,$25.00 per hour after.
  • Check well system and replenish well system salt tank as needed. $45.00 per month (Includes Salt)
  • Manage and take care of problems for owners who rent their homes. Call to discuss.

Note: Aqua Realty Group is not a security service, and we will not enter an unsecured home or confront suspects.


If you have any other needs not listed above, please feel free to contact us and discuss how we can be of service.


Monthly Professional services fees for home watch services are as follows:


Frequency Condo House
Weekly (4 times per month)  starting at $20.00 per visit $25.00 per visit
Frequency Property 2800 to 4,499 sq. ft.
Weekly (4 times per month) starting at $25.00 per visit
Frequency Property 4,500 to 6799 sq. ft.
Weekly (4 times per month) Call for pricing



PLEASE CALL MICHAEL MUSE - Maintenance Director @ 239-233-1777 or send E-mail to Michael.museapg@gmail.com